A hernia is the protrusion of an organ or the fascia of an organ through the wall of the cavity that normally contains it from within. Frequently, a hernia causes no apparent symptoms and may not seem serious at all. Although a hernia is not usually dangerous, it may lead to a life threatening condition if the blood supply to an organ is cut off. Surgical repair is generally recommended to treat abdominal hernias. Many hernia surgeries are performed through small incisions with minimal blood loss and less pain. There are several types of hernias:

  • Epigastric - in the area between the breast bone and the umbilicus 
  • Hiatal - an opening in the diaphragm
  • Inguinal - in the groin
  • Incisional - at the site of a previous surgical incision in the abdominal wall
  • Umbilical - around the bellybutton
  • Ventral - any abdominal wall hernia, which includes the above

Why Suffer?

Sometimes surgery is the best option than living with pain.

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